Who are we?

Paul Dehaen NV was established in 2001. Currently Paul Dehaen has more than 25 years experience in the distribution business. The company has financial entities in Belgium (Ghislenghien), France, the United Kingdom and Spain.
In total the company has more than 50 employees. Our turnover in 2014 exceeded 30,000,000 euro. We sell our products to independent discount retailers throughout the whole world. 
Dehaen's continued growth proves that both supplier partners and long term customers trust and value the service we provide. We are proud of our high level of supplier and customer satisfaction. 
To accelerate the growth strategy in Europe, Milestone Investment ((http://www.milestone-investisseurs.com) took majority ownership in February 2017.

New customer

Dehaen's customer base is completely distinct and seperate from the existing regular channels. All new customers are examined by our business development team. This to ensure that there is no potential conflict with your sales activity.
Dehaen has a team of account managers who sell your products as part of their portfolio and cover : Beauty & grooming and household care. Their expertise of the products and brands is unsurpassed in our industry.
Our customers want to sell your brands - they are highly brand aware and rely on Dehaen to provide a link between brand owners and discount retailers.
Our sales team is your sales team !


Continual reinvestment in our team, technology, automation and facilities means greater efficiency. We can respond to any stock situation.
Our employees are chosen for their ability to adapt to fast stockrotation. The owners and management team take an active role in the business and ensure that service levels are kept high.
Experienced market professionals
Our team are experts - working alongside with suppliers and customers. Both our sales and buying team fully understand the products which guarantees a quick response.
Our sales team is the best in the sector. Thanks to Dehaen sales team the discount market can accesses brands. The close links we have forged with our customers allows us to provide you with an unsurpassed level of real market information, no rumors, but facts.
To increase our capacity, a second new warehouse was recently opened in Ghislenghien. Giving us a total of 22,000m² of storage. This allows us to rapidly react on your requirements, no matter how sizeable your wishes are. We ensure that stock is driven rapidly through the supply chain not only to minimize your costs, but to get your products to the final consumer in the best possible condition.
Technology and automation
To ensure stock is sold to end-consumer before the expiry date and remains traceable our business process was redesigned in our ERP-system Microsoft Dynamics AX. It has been our goal from the start to achieve the maximum amount of automation to enable goods to be taken faster into stock and to release them as fast as possible, with regards to FIFO (First IN First OUT), expiry date and traceability of the goods sold.
Our relationshop with our suppliers is vital to us - Brand protection is the key ! 
We safeguard your brand by selling only to new customers, not through the existing channels. We sell discreetly and 'under the radar'. Total protection of your brand - Complete control over stock placement and price - Safe brand reputation.

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